Saturday, May 14, 2016

Big First for Charlotte.

Charlotte Poker Dunedin Casino poker deepstack
Charlotte with her winning hand.

For our $150 Deepstack tournament today we had 23 players and a prize pool of $4,495.  First place was just over $2,000.

Final four were Charlotte, Mark N, Dan H, and Gary.

Fourth went to Mark (he had lost a fair chunk of his stack to Gary two hands earlier).  Gary raised to 3BB, Mark pushed for just over double the bet, Gary called. Mark with QJ and Gary with A7. 5 5 4 6 K came out on the table.

Charlotte was down to a small stack until she managed to take a double up from each of the big stacks (almost back to back) she finally had some chips to play with.

All three players showed some great blind stealing and short handed plays.

Next out, in third, Daniel.  Dan pushed with J6 and got quickly called by Charlotte with A8s.  The flop came out 3 6 9 (all spades) Safe to say, she didn't get run down.

Final two: Gary and Charlotte.  After taking out Dan, Charlotte found herself as the big stack.  Heads-up didn't last too long before Gary went all in and got called by Charlotte.  74 against Q6, community cards came out; J 2 J 5 5.  Queen high played with the two pair on the board, and Charlotte took home the juicy first place!