Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Tournament

We had a smaller than usual turnout this week, with 15 players showing up. Our top 3 were Alex M, Dan H and Karl R.

For 3rd place, we have Alex go all in on the small blind with AJ to be called by Dan with  A7. On the flop we get J-3-3, putting Alex ahead with 2 pair. Turn is a 7, giving Dan a chance... But nope! 4 on the river sends Dan out on 3rd.

Final hand of the tournament and  Karl goes all in with 66, Alex calls with KJ. The flop delivers Q-8-5 and  turn gives us a T. Alex has quite a few outs still, but unluckily for him, he doesn't hit any, a 2 on the river... Alex comes 2nd and Karl takes home 1st. Well done to Karl!