Thursday, June 30, 2016

Midnight Magic for 3 Lucky Winners

We had 17 people turn up to the Thursday Turbo Satellite tonight, all fighting to win a seat into the $150 Winter Bounty Tournament.

With over $480 in the prize pool, we were able to give away three seats, plus there was a little bit left over for a 4th place prize.

The tournament finished up at midnight as everyone on the final table was fighting it out to win the seat. Our final four were Tom H, Jason S, Ronnie M and Khalid A.

After a 3-way all-in that Jason tripled up on, Tom went all-in again with K3. Jason called with 66. The Board was 5-6-K-Q-7 and Jason's set knocked out Tom for the bubble. But he at least walked away with a small cash prize for his efforts.

Play the $30 Wednesday Tournament and go in the draw to win yourself a seat in the $150 Winter Bounty Tournament, or join us on the 14th July for another $10 Satellite Tournament.