Friday, July 15, 2016

Battle for the Winter Bounty Winner!

dunedin casino winter deepstack bounty tournament winner

The Winter Bounty Tournament kicked off at 12pm with players registering right up until the beginning.

With 21 players and a healthy prize pool of a little over $2,600, there were four places to be won.

At the final table we had 2 players bust out at the same time to leave 5 players in. A short while later a three-way all in left Greg S. out of the running for the cash and Ryan H. just able to hang on for one more hand to claim the fourth place, as well as three bounty's.

Gary T. was the next to go shortly afterwards when Charlotte called his all-in and managed to finish with a flush.

Playing for the top two spots were Charlotte B. and Aaron McT. after a short while of heads up trying to get the upper hand, they both remained pretty evenly matched but an all-in by Charlotte quickly changed that. Aaron called her all-in with an A7 while she had K9. With a 7 on the flop, Aaron was leading right up until the river when a K turned up. This left Aaron with only 2,500 left and was all-in again the next hand.

Unfortunately he was unable to get the better of Charlotte and lost out to 2nd place as well as three bounty's and Charlotte took out the lot. Well done!