Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sam the Man

Small turnout for the Free-entry Thursday Turbo, with 14 players fighting for the prizes.
Our top 3 going for these prizes were Ronnie, Damien L and Sam Cr.

Ronnie and Damien end up all in against each other. Ronnie is holding AQ and Damien K5 suited.
On the flop we get 5-J-5. This puts Damien well ahead. Turn is a 2. Ronnie's hand is now dead and with another 2 on the river Damien knocks him out with a boat, 5's over 2's.

Over the next few hands Damien loses the majority of his chips, but then manages to win a few more and get to a more even playing field.

Last hand for the night, Sam goes all in with K2 and Damien calls with Q7 suited. The flop delivers A-3-J, not helping Damien at all... Turn is a 5. Gutshot for Damien now, or either of his cards will do! Final card is an 8. Damien out on 2nd place and Sam wins with his K. Well done Sam!