Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sam's in it to win it!

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Tonight's Turbo Tournament was packed with both tables full. It was free entry and only $10 for rebuys and addons. It made for a very interesting tournament with the prize pool making well over the guaranteed $300.

The tournament wrapped just before midnight and the final table made for some interesting action. With 22 entrants, cash prizes were given for the top four places but the Tournament Director couldn't count for a second and thought that the fifth person out was supposed to get a prize too. I gave him a drink for my mistake. My bad.

The players battling it out for the prizes were Liam C.S, Sam C, Gavin B and Andrew A. Sam manages to take down everyone else for the top spot. First to go was Liam. Sam raised to 15K preflop and Liam shoves all in with QQ and Sam calls with AK off-suit. The flop comes out with a diamond flush draw for Sam and runner runner diamonds secures Sams win.

Next Sam took on Gavin to beat him with a full house over a pair, and after a few minutes of heads up play, Andrew unfortunately wasn't strong enough to take on Sam's pocket Queen's and win. Sam took the first place prize with two pair. Great work Sam!