Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Big Turnout for Midweek Poker.

Greg Scott Dunedin Casino Poker Weekly Wednesday Texas Holdem

Tonight we had 31 Players in the Weekly Wednesday Tournament. The prizepool was just over $2,400 and we paid out five placings.

Cashing this week were: Chris R, Alex M, Greg S, Tom V and Chris K.

Chris K went home in 5th against Greg, QT spades vs KJ spades. Greg hit his Queen on the flop but there were also two spades and a gut shot for Chris to hit a straight. Greg sweated out the turn and river and his pair was good. Q 7 A 8 3.

Alex the Peasant Maynard had an exceptional tournament (Including two sets of Quads) until he lost two big hands in a row whilst holding stronger Aces. Greg put the nail in the coffin, knocking him out in 4th place via an Ace high flush.

Greg, sitting on a big stack pushed all in with pocket 5's, Chris R called him with KQ. T 4 T A 3 on the table. Greg's pair held up and Chris took home 3rd prize.

Heads up was between Greg and Tom. Stacks started out heavily stacked towards Greg but they soon balanced out. A deal was made when they were close to even, there was no soft play after the deal, these two were out for the glory. They played out for about 20 minutes until the final hand. Before this hand was a preflop showing of AA vs 72 resulting in a good laugh. The final hand, Greg pushes all in on the small blind and Tom called, AT vs J9 (both suited with clubs) 6 A Q T 7 came out. Greg had a sweat when the turn gave Tom the open-ender but his pair of Aces held up on the river.

Greg also was the lucky winner of the $150 Winter Bounty entry for this Saturday at 12.00, let's see if he reads the whole post and finds out!!