Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Biggest Winner, Biggest Grinner

22 Players in the Wednesday 6-max this week. A prizepool of over $1,800 lead to a fairly slow final table.

the last 4 standing (sitting) were: Morgan, Ross, Gavin and Sammy.

After surviving the bubble, Gavin was taken out on his BB by Sammy. Sammy pushed him all in pre-flop, Gavin with Q3, Sam with AK. Sammy paired up on the flop, K 5 6 6 8.

Ross and Sammy went to the flop before it all went in. Ross instigated the betting on a 3 8 4 flop. Sammy called Ross' bet and they both revealed pocket pairs; Sammy with 77, Ross with AA! Two hearts as the final community cards (total 4)left both players a wee bit speechless. Sammy was lucky enough to have the 7 of hearts, Ross' Aces, not so lucky.

Morgan was all in against Sammys stack, Morgan had the dog hand, K9, Sam with AQ. Morgan had the lead until the river delivered Sammy an Ace. 6 9 8 J A.

Well done Sammy, treat yourself to a perm!