Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Old Guy Gets Lucky Again

Tonight we had 27 players come to battle it out for the prizes with a prize pool just short of $2000.

Congratulations to the top four taking home some $$$: Chris, Jesse, Jeff and Lewis.

Jesse went all in with K9 clubs against Chris with 67 of clubs. Out came 6TAJJ and not enough clubs to save Jesse from going home.

Next saw Chris with K9 against Lewis with pocket 7's. Chris hit trip kings and after a quick count up Lewis was left with $3,500 and forced all in next hand. He doubled up,  though was still without enough chips was forced all in again with J9 against Jeff's K6. Jeff hit the straight and Lewis was left to take home third place.

Down to the final two Chris was all in with J4 and Jeff with A2. 98QJ9 and two pair of J's and 9's was enough for Chris to take it out two weeks in a row. What a great effort!

Thanks to everyone who took part tonight and we hope to see you next week!