Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Darso finishes on a high note...

Dunedin Casino Poker Wednesday

Good turnout for the tournament tonight. 25 players creating a prize pool of over $2000! It was slow going to find the final table as no one was want to let anyone else have the upper hand. Eventually though we had our players battling it out for the cash.

We had four prizes to give away and the contenders were Karl R, Dan S, Shane R, Chris S.

After a few distractions from the WSOP final table (Nguyen won...), Karl went all in pre-flop and Dan was quick to call. Karl's J 10 off-suit wasn't able to keep Dan at bay.  An A on the river unfortunately sealed the deal and Karl finished in fourth place.

To keep things interesting, a short while later Chris went all in pre-flop to take on Dan, who quickly called. Dan was leading intitially but on the turn Chris managed a pair with a K kicker and that was enough to double him up.

Shane was finished in third place. Dan raising pre-flop to push Shane all in. Dan had A10 and Shane J7. KQ8K6 was the board, and Dan's kicker was enough to steal the pot.

Dan and Chris were playing for the glory. It's Dan's last tournament in Dunedin for a while so Chris didn't want to give him the satisfaction of winning his last one.

Eventually though, an all-in pre-flop by $ugar with KQ was called by Darso with 10 8. Unfortunately for $ugar, the flop was 976 giving Darso the nuts, and runner runner 9's couldn't save him.

Good tournament tonight Team, don't forget to join us on Friday for our Turbo Satellite to win a seat in to our next Deepstack on November 13th!