Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ray is the Champion!

Dunedin Casino Poker Texas Hold'em Winner

A great turnout for the tournament tonight, with some new faces trying their luck. 26 players ensured that there were cash prizes for the top four finishers and there was over $2,000 in the prize pool!

Peter R. bubbled today, just missing out on some of the cash. His all-in was called by Chris R. who managed to achieve the straight on the river to beat Peter who had flopped a pair.

From here on, everyone was in the money. Chris S. was narrowly chip leader, closely followed by Greg S., Tim N., and Ray W.

Ray took Tim for most of his stack by getting a flush on the river and the next the hand Greg raised to 20k pre-flop which pushed Tim all in. Greg had pocket 7's and Tim K5, Three clubs on the flop and a fourth on the turn was good for Greg who had the fifth club in his hand and knocking Tim out.

From here Greg was chip leader and he used his chips to gradually diminish the others' stacks. Soon though Ray challenged Chris with an all-in. Ray had pocket 6's and they held all the way to the end leaving Chris with 2k.

Chris was all-in next hand and again Ray had the lead from the flop finishing with 2 pair and Chris finished in 3rd.

It was pretty evenly matched for a while between Ray and Greg. But all it takes is a few good hands!

It was pretty quiet pre-flop with no one raising, and after the flop Greg bet 30k and Ray min-raised. Greg then went all-in and Ray quickly called. Greg had K6 and Ray AQ. The cards were 10 K J 4 2 giving Ray the straight right from the start.

From then on Greg, couldn't hold too much longer, and a few hands later another all-in situation determined the winner. Ray took out the top spot with a K, Greg chasing a straight that didn't quite eventuate.

It was a good tournament, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Join us on Friday for the last chance to win a seat in to our Deepstack Tournament this weekend (4th Dec). See you there!