Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kirby takes out the November Deepstack!

Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Winner

We had a good turnout for the November Deepstack tournament today! We started it a little earlier this time at 12pm, so it didn't run too late into the evening. There were 22 players, and at the end of the addon period there was over $3,500 in the prize pool!

There must have been a memo that went around as many of the players were sporting sunglasses and it can't have been too easy to read the cards!

The final table was reached shortly before the third break, with Chris S. as chip leader heading in. Nine players on the final table and prizes for the top four, it meant that no one was willing to give up their chips too easily.

Andrew A. unfortunately lost a large portion of his stack to Brendan N. Brendan went all in and Andrew called. Andrew flopped a pair of K but Brendan had pocket A. Another A on the turn gave Brendan the set.

A few hands later though, Brendan had some of bigger chip stack taken off when he lost a pot to Kirby.

Brendan was run down by Jeff M. who had AJ and Brendan had AK. The AK wasn't good enough as Jeff got the boat with J's full. Jeff was also the one to take Andrew out of the tournament.

Chris' stack had dwindled but he was slowly working on building it back and both he and Kirby had the most chips when it came down to the final four.

Fighting it out for the glory was Kirby M., Chris S., Bryn N., and Jeff M. With Kirby and Chris pretty equal in their big stacks. A few spectators even gathered around to find out who would be the winner.

Bryn unfortunately was the first to go in fourth place. All in against Jeff pre-flop, but the flop was in Jeff's favour and gave him the flush. And there was no hope for Bryn.

Jeff finished third going all in pre-flop and Kirby called. Jeff had 10 9 suited and Kirby has K10. With J's on the board Kirby wins with the higher kicker. This left Kirby and Chris in the race.

Not long after the winner was decided.  After previously already stealing most of his stack, Kirby had KQ and Chris had A7. After the flop Chris was leading with pair. The board was 7 5 9 10 J, with both the turn and river working in Kirby's favour to give her the straight.

Kirby took out the top prize. Well done!

Next week, we will have our regular Wednesday 6-Max Tournament and on Friday we will begin the $10 Turbo Satellite's in to our next Deepstack Tournament!

The next one is in three weeks time on December 4th. Keep an eye out for updates.