Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Old Dog does it again. Again...

Texas Hold'Em Wednesday Night Tournament Winner

Tonight's tournament was a little quieter tonight, but it made for some great poker hands. With 23 players, there were four players fighting it out for a portion of the cash. Which was over $1,500!

At the first break, we also gave away a double pass to this weekend's Craft Beer and Food Festival. Everyone who had entered the tournament was able to get their name in the draw. The lucky recipient was Tim N!

The final four players looking for glory were Chris R., Ronnie M., Tim N. and Ray N.

At first it was looking like Ronnie was going to be the first to leave. Coming in as short stack, he was repeatedly forced all in pre-flop. But he managed to hold his ground and increase his stack. Once even managing to flop trip 8's and getting the full house on the river.

Tim was unfortunately the first to go. Going all in pre-flop, Ray was the only one to call. Ray had pocket 5's but the flop came out 10 K 4 and Tim had the higher pair with 10's. Another 5 on the turn sealed the deal for Tim who couldn't beat Ray's trip 5's.

After a short while of three-handed play, Ronnie managed to double up again and Chris used his big stack to his advantage to scare off any possible challengers. A quick all-in situation sorted out our top three places.

Ray had 96 off-suit, Ronnie had AQ suited and Chris 65 suited. Chris flopped the straight with 84742 on the board. And from there he held on to the lead and made the flush on the river. Thereby taking it all. Ronnie finished in second with a pair of 4's with an A kicker. Ray unfortunately was third with the lower kicker.

It was a great tournament tonight, well done to everyone who entered.

Join us on Friday for our $10 Turbo Satellite Tournament for the chance to win a seat into our next Deepstack tournament which is going to be held this Sunday (Nov 13th) at 12:30pm.