Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Karl too strong for them all

This evenings tournament was a long one! 24 players making a nice a tidy prize pool of just shy of $2,000! However, many players weren't willing to miss out on an opportunity to recieve a portion of the prize pool and the final table wasn't reached until the second break.

After a quick break to regather their strength, they played on until finally we had five players left. With cash going to the final four, no one wanted to be the bubble. Eventually though, it was Ross. He didn't give up easily though and put up a tough fight. Well done.

The final four were Sam C., Greg S., Martin K., and Karl R. They were all pretty evenly matched with chips kept moving from player to player. Karl though was gradually managing to increase his stack to become chip leader.

Karl was the one to knock out everybody tonight. A three-way all in decided the third and fourth place getters.

The all-in was between Martin, Greg and Karl who had Q9, 95 and 10 9 respectively. Martin going all in pre-flop and Greg and Karl called. When the flop came out 10 5 3, Karl raised 20k which pushed Greg all-in also. The remaining cards were 4K and Karl's pair of 10s held and Martin finished fourth and Greg third.

Sam and Karl were heads up and it wasn't long before the final result was decided. Sam called Karl's big blind in the dark. Karl then raised all-in and Sam after checking his cards, called. Karl had pocket 5's and Sam had pocket 4's. The board did nothing for either of them and Karl's pair held allowing him to take first place. Well done!

It was a great tournament tonight, don't forget to join us this Friday for a $10 Turbo Tournament to win a seat into the next Deepstack Tournament on December 4th.