Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chris takes out Final Deepstack of the year!

The last Deepstack for the year saw 19 players chasing a piece of the $3600 prizepool, and the final four today were Martin, Chris, Pete and Clark.

Martin finished fourth when he went all in with AQ up against Pete with A7.  With neither players hitting on the flop or the turn it came down to the river.  Pete paired his 7 to knock Martin out and add valuable chips to his stack.

Next to push was Clarke with 56 of diamonds in his hand.  Chris looks at his cards to see AA and has one of the easiest calls he has had to make all day.  The flop 3J4 gives Clark an open ender, turns a 6 and gives Clark more outs but the river is an Ace and seals Clarks fate.

Down to the final two Pete and Chris, who pass the blinds back and forth for a while before deciding to call it a day and pursue a cash game.  They shove for bragging rights and Chris draws a QT against Pete's 63... and the final board of the day comes... T A K 4 2!

A big thank-you to all the players, and congratulations to our winners.

Next up in December is the Weekly Wednesday 6-Max Rebuy, and look out for more Sunday tournaments to come in 2017!