Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lady Luck Strikes Again

We had 20 people turn up for this weeks Wednesday 6-max Hold'em Tournament, all fighting for their share of over $1600. Off to a quick start, we were soon to three tables.

Final table proved to be fierce, but only the top four were paid. They were Chris S, Adam M, Charlotte B and Will D.

Chris was the first to declare defeat. All-in with K-Q, Adam calling with pocket 4s. Nothing but a pair of 8s on the board, so Adam's two-pair was enough to steal Chris' chips.

There was a lot of back-and-forward wins between Will and Adam. But it was Charlotte that delivered the fatal blow to Will. Charlotte pushing all-in with A-K, Will called with 7-8. Board was 4-10-J-K-K and Charlotte's Trip-Ks put her well in the lead.

After a while of steady heads-up play, Adam pushed all-in after the flop of K-10-8. With 7-10, his pair looked ok against Charlotte's J-Q. Charlotte was gunning on her open-ender, but all it took was a J on the turn and she claimed another victory.


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