Wednesday, December 14, 2016

King Karl Rules Again!

Texas Hold' Em Tournament Wednesday Dunedin

A good tournament tonight, 24 players making a prize pool of just under $2,000. A few players sneaking in just before the end of the rebuy period.

It took a while to reach the final table, not getting there until just after 11pm. No one was willing to give in too easily.

Cash prizes for the top four meant that Greg S., Ray W., Sam C., and Karl R. were battling it out for spots.

Going in Karl and Greg were big stacks, but unfortunately it wasn't long until Karl gave most of it to Greg. Karl raised to 18k pre-flop and then Greg raised all-in to which Karl called. Greg had A10 suited and Karl pocket 7's. The board came out AQ45A giving Greg a set and giving him a nice double up.

It didn't take long for Karl to bounce back though. After stealing a few pots he had built up his chips a little. Sam went all-in with 15.3k and which Karl called and then Ray raised all-in also and Karl again called. Both Ray and Sam were holding A's but it was Karl K that paired. Giving him 2 pair on the board. It meant that both Ray and Sam were knocked out.

So then it was down to Greg and Karl. After a short while of heads up play Karl was big blind, and Greg min-raised to which Karl called. After the flop of 235 came out Greg went all-in and Karl called. The remaining cards were 10 8 which gave Karl two pair 8's and 5's and Greg unfortunately missed the straight he was chasing.

So Karl took out the top prize, well done!

Thank you to everyone who took part. Join us next week for one of the last tournaments before 2017!