Wednesday, December 7, 2016

$hum Slays Final Table

Dunedin Casino, Poker, Weekly Wednesday, 6-Max, Texas Hold'em, Tournament

We had 21 players this week and a prizepool just shy of $1,900.

Final table was going quite slowly until $hum got to work, increasing his big stack with a double knockout. The remainder of the table was quite excited when they realized that Chris had got them into the ca$h. We had; Chris, Brendan, Ray and Greg as the last four standing (sitting).

Chris took Brendan's chips with an A5 when he flopped a pair and held up.

Greg pushed and got the snap from $hum with his pocket 9's vs Greg's J8. It looked good for Greg on the flop; Q 6 J. The turn and river were not quite as friendly, K on the turn and a T on the river. Despite the swing in power, the best hand won in the end, Chris with a straight to the K.

Ray (with a severe small stack) pushed all in blind on the BB. Chris called with KJ against the blind K4. J 2 2 K T on the table, Chris took the pot and 1st place out with Three pair.

Thanks to everyone for an exciting tournament and well done to those who made it till the cash.