Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Final Tournament Before Christmas

We had 25 players come out for the last tournament before Christmas, the pot reached over $2,000.

Top 4 We had: Charlotte, Karl. Alex the Peasant Maynard and Chris R.

Karl took 4th place home when he was taken out by Chris. Karl pushed with JQ and he was called by Chris with pocket 6's. The race ran out: 5 3 8 9 8.

Next knockout hand: Chris bets 8k, he gets raised to 18k by Alex, Chris retaliates with a raise to 28k, Alex pushes... Chris calls. (must be pretty nice hands right?) Alex had flopped top set and Chris had flopped the nuts (straight). Alex with 10 10, Chris holding 8 9, 10 6 7 out on the board. A 4 on the turn and an 8 on the river. The board failed to pair, the straight holds on for Chris.

Heads up was a friendly game of chip exchange until we got to the final hand. Chris pushed pre-flop with A 6 and got called by Charlotte with Q Q. Chris didn't get any further than an open-ender with the board provided.. J 5 4 3 4.

Well done to all who ca$hed this week, also a very merry Christmas from the Poker staff at Dunedin Casino :)