Sunday, October 23, 2016

Massive No Limit Freezeout!

Dunedin Casino Texas Holdem freezeout depstack

Excellent turnout today for the Tournament. Starting at 2pm so it didn't clash with the Blackjack Tournament that was also running for the long weekend, the remaining seats filled up very quickly.

With 30 players and a prize pool of over $5,000 we assigned the cash to the top 5 finishers and with over $2,000 for first place!

With steady dealing all afternoon, the final table was reached around 6:30 and some players who'd busted out earlier getting together to get the cash game rolling.

6th place, although it wasn't assigned a prize, the top 5 were generous enough to put in $30 each as a bubble prize (buy-in back)

Once bubble was determined, 5th was taken out soon after, Jeff was beaten by Jacque's AK.

4th place went to Rayel, he was called by Greg. Rayel went all-in with J8 vs Greg's A9. Ace high was good enough to hold up when neither player synced with the board of: 4 T Q 5 7.

Greg, with his new found chips went on the aggressive, he raised to $30k, Andy went all-in. Greg had AJ vs Andy's A3. The Board played out: 4 2 2 9 9, A near escape for Andy, splitting the pot. Soon after the to got it all in, Greg called Andy's shove. Andy with QT, Greg with A8. Greg hit an 8 on the turn for the knockout: 5 6 2 8 J.

With very similar stacks, final two made a deal to play for $1,600 each and play it out for the glory and the extra $300. Heads up played out for about half an hour between Jacque and Greg. The final hand of the Tournament, Greg got it all-in pre and was called by Jacque. Greg final hand, the noble AK, Jacque with KJ. In the end, Greg managed a straight by the end of the hand (Ace high was also good). 5 3 4 5 2. Well done Greg!

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to turn up to the freezeout. Keep an eye out on the blog for upcoming tournaments.