Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chris Cleans up Short Handed

Weekly Wednesday Poker Dunedin Casino $20 Texas Holdem
This Wednesday 17 Poker Players ventured through the rain to play. We had a prizepool of just over $1,600.

Top 3 went to: Chris R, Rayel and Ross.

Chris raised to $10k against Rayel, Chris faced an all-in bet in retaliation, he looked down to a couple of Rockets and had an easy call. Hole cards: AA vs AT. The flop wasn't without a sweat for Chris: T 5 5, Q and 2 on the turn and river secured Chris' the pot, and the knockout.

Ross and Chris played it out heads-up. The final hand was quite similar to Rayel's last. Chris raised to $10k and Ross shoved into him, Chris called. Another monster hand for Chris, AK against Ross' A8. 9 J 9 K 8, Chris secured the win with the King on the turn.

Thanks to everyone who ventured from the comfort of home to play.