Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Alex Claims Another Taste of Victory

We have a whopping 28 in our Weekly Wednesday 6-Max Tournament tonight. With all three tables almost full, the stakes were high. Everyone was fighting for their share of the prizepool of over 2k. This week saw a few new faces as well.

Top five were paid this week. Those five were; Alex M, Gary T, Karl R, Martin K and Gavin B.

In the first battle, we had Alex with A(s)-10(d), had A-9. Both all-in preflop. Flop was 6(h)-8(s)-5(s) and Alex got lucky with 10(s)-6(s). Runner-runner flush took out Gary.

Next to fight it out was Martin and Gavin. Both all-in preflop, Martin had J-Q and Gavin had pocket 8's. All was looking good for Gavin, until Martin rivered a pair of J's (A-2-4-6-J).

A flop of A-K-9 had shown, Martin went all-in with A-6. Karl called with K-7. Turn (J) and river (9) gave Martin the higher two pair and Karl left in 3rd place.

Our final went back-and-forward a few times but when the board 4-Q-6-J-2 was out, Alex went all-in with K-6. Martin called with 3-6. Alex's K played and left him "King" of the tournament (two in a row).

Thanks to all those that came tonight, it made for an exciting tournament. And congratulations to all of our winners.