Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chris PLOts his First Win of the Year

We had 24 players turn up for our debut of our alternating PLO/NLH tournament tonight. With the addons and rebuys, we managed to get a prize pool of over $1800.

The top four were paid. They were Alex M, Hamish R, Chris R and Dan H.

All of the knock-outs happened in the 3000/6000 PLO round. The Board A-A-2-3-8 was out. Hamish shoved all-in with Q-K-J-9. Hoping he would fold, Dan called with 8-8-Q-10 and his fullhouse sent Hamish packing.

Alex was next to go all-in with A-10-3-8. He only had 2x the Big Blind, so Chris called with 7-7-8-Q. Board was 5-4-J-6-3 so Chris' pocket 7's held and Alex was next to get knocked out.

Dan was next to shove. Raising "pot" pre-flop, Chris re-raises all-in. Dan had 10-Q-7-4, Chris had  6-8(h)A-Q(s). Board delivered four hearts and Chris' flush was enough to take down Dan and claim his first "W" for the year.

The fun continues on Friday with our Turbo S'n'G tournament kicking off at 7:30pm. we'll see you there.