Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Taking Out #1 With Just His Starting Stack

We had 22 Players and a prizepool of $1750 in our Weekly Wednesday 6-Max.

Final four this week we had: Rayel, Ray Wong, Jason M and Chris R.

Jason had had a good night without a rebuy or add-on and arrived at the final table as chip leader. He was content to have made the cash and loosened his range making for some interesting end game.

Jason took a double up out of Chris when his bluff got called and he managed a runner runner straight (much to the dismay of the two short stacks and Chris). Jason reclaimed the chip lead.

Rayel was all in before the flop and matched by Chris and Jason. The flop came out 8 8 7 and Jason pushed all in, Chris called with pocket Aces. Jason flipped over K8 (trips). Rayel had A9 on the short stack. The turn revealed a King which gave Jason a boat. Only one river could change the outcome of the hand, that one card wasn't a 6 though. Jason made a double knockout and fast-forwarded himself into heads-up.

Jason had roughly 5/6 chips in play, Ray with the remainder. Ray gave himself a fighting chance when he managed to double his stack. Shortly later, Jason went all-in and was called by Ray, A2 against Q7 pre. T 3 6 5 T came out as the community cards scoring Jason the win and a dream run for a $20 entry. Well done!!!

As a fun wee change, next week the Wednesday Tournament will be alternating rounds between NLH and PLO.