Sunday, March 26, 2017

Maynard the Best Man Win!

We had 20 players turn up for the March $200 Deepstack Tournament today. All of them were eager to win their share of the prize pool of almost $4000. The tournament ran for almost seven hours.

We paid the top four; they were Ray W, Alex M, Kev F and Gary T.

Kev's once big stack was diminishing and he eventually pushed all-in for less than the big blind. He had A-8. Alex had K-Q. Alex flopped the set of Q's which was eventually enough to send Kev packing. (Q-8-Q-10-2)

Ray was the next to go all-in, shoving pre-flop on the small blind with J-3(s). Alex called with pocket 7's. Though Ray flopped two spades, the turn and the river saw nothing and Alex's 7's held. (5-4-A-6-4)

Last to try and take Alex down was Gary. Pushing all-in pre-flop with K-6, Alex snap-called with A-10. Gary flopped top-pair but an A on the turn gave Alex the better pair and the tournament win. (K-8-Q-A-J)

Thanx to all those who came to play and congratulations to our winners.