Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hasta la vista, baby

We had 19 people show up for this weeks Wednesday Terminator Tournament, all geared up to win their share of the $1600 prizepool and as many bounties as they could.

We had four on the final table; Chris S, Mok H, Hayden R and Noel L. 

Shum shoved pre-flop with J-J, Hayden called with J-A. Board was 5-2-4-7-A. Hayden rivered top pair and knocked Shum out, leaving him with 4th place and one bounty top cash out. 

Next to seal their fate was Mok. All-in after the flop with 6-7(c) chasing the club flush. Hayden called with Q-2. No more clubs came up and Hayden's 2-pair held, adding another bounty to his already decent collection.

Shortly after, Hayden shoved pre-flop with J-2(h). Noel called with A-5. Board came out 7-10-7-2-Q and it was the 2-pair again that gave Hayden the win. Noel still got to take away 2nd place and a couple of bounties.

Hayden had and impressive 10 bounties. Congratz

Bounty Table this week.
Roger P 2
Gary T 1
Chris S 1
Mok H 3
Noel L 2
Hayden R 10