Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Terminator Shum Totally Annihilates Competition With No Mercy!

It was a total one horse race tonight with Chris absoultely dominating the competition right from the start, his only head ache was, "Do i need to addon"?

What a night of poker, with our 2nd Terminator Bounty tournament of the year we had 24 players show up to battle it out.  With 63 addons and 65 rebuys this added for a prize pool of $2440 plus another $600 in bounty's.  That's a total of $3040 all up!

1st prize $1100, 2nd $685, 3rd $415 and tonight we paid to 4th for $245 and lets not forget the $600 for bounty's up for grabs.

A big special thank you has to go out to all our regular poker players who each week show up to play.  Chris R, Gary, Noel, Danny, Hayden, Josh, Chris S, Greg and more.

We had 3 tables of 8 in action most of the night all with very similar chip counts and rebuys and addons, Chip leader from the start was of course Chris who double rebuyed at the start and went  from there.

Final table and out in our favourite bubble position to give Noel a break was Hayden who had K Q and shoved, Chris S calls with 8 2.  Flop comes and Chris hits 2 pair on the flop and it was over, Hayden out in 5th place.

Next to go was Nick who pushed with 10 10, Chris calls with A 5 and catches an A on the flop and Nick was gone in 4th place taking away $245 for his effort and not taking a single bounty.

By this time Chris pretty much had over 90% of the chips.  Gary sees K 10 and pushes, Chris sees A 9 and calls, flop comes 7 A 2, turns a 4 and river a 3, Gary out in 3rd place taking away $415 plus another $125 for his 5 bounty's.  That's a total of  $640 for his night.

Very next hand and Chris was all in again with A 2, Matt with K 8, flop comes 2 10 10, turns a 5 and river a 9, Matt out in 2nd place without taking a single bounty on his journey but still takes away $685 for his effort.

1st prize went to Chris taking away $1100 for first place plus another $300 for his 12 bounty's.  Thats a total of $1400 for his night.