Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Martin Terminates Opposition taking 7 Bounty's and Bluff of The Night!

Tonight in our Terminator bounty tournament we had a massive 38 rebuys and a astonishing 58 addons!  20 players showed up early as per usual to battle it out for a grand total of $2352 including $500 in bounty's. 

1st $835
2nd $520
3rd $315
4th $185

Even though we only had 2 tables in action we had rebuy after rebuy right away.

Down to the final table and  out in 6th place was Pete with a massive 3 way all in.  We had Martin with Q Q up against Pete with A 7 and Daz J with A K, flop comes 8 8 9, turns a 4 and rivers a 9, Martin taking down a huge pot at this stage with his queens.

Our bubble tonight went to Daz J who was up again in a 3 way all in, up against Chris H with Ac Jc and Gary with A Q,  flop comes A 4c Kc, turns a 2 and rivers a 10c giving Chris H a massive pot again with the nut flush, Daz J still taking away $25 for his one bounty.

Final 4 players just shared the chips for about 40 minutes with the lead changing every hand.  Deciding hand and bluff of the night had to go to Martin who was up against Chris H, blinds were 4k 8k and flop comes 8 2 K, turns a 2 and Chris H bets 20k, Martin pauses and pushes all in, Chris folds and Martin shows a lonely 3 and steels a 30k plus pot.

After that Chris was all in every hand and eventually gets called with J 4 by Gary with A 7, flop comes A 10 J, turns a 9 and river a 5 and Chris was out in 4th taking away $185 plus $100 for his 4 bounty's.

Next hand Gary's all in with 7 7 and Josh calls with 10 10, flop comes Q A 4, turns a 5 and river a 3, Gary out in 3rd place taking away $314 plus another $100 for his bounty's.

Heads up and final hand, both players deciding to chop 1st and 2nd prize taking $650 each and playing for the remaining $55, Martin has 10 6 and Josh J 5, one hand only and flop comes K 5 7, turns an A and rivers a 6.  Josh out in 2nd taking $650 and 3 bounty's.  Martin tonights winner taking 7 bounty's as well as his $705 for 1st place.