Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Josh does the Riverdance!!!

Another Terminator tourney done and dusted, to finish of February.  'Twas a reasonably casual affair with 17 runners and a total prize pool of $1530NZD with an additional $425NZD in bounties.

With four players left it was really a game of twists and turns to make it into the money (3 places paid).  If you had a '2' in your hand it seemed to hold, and the 'River' was making a strong presence at showdown.

Danny W. ended up with the bubble when Andrew A. on 67K shoved preflop with 55.  Called by Danny first (35K) with 99, then by Chris R. with AK and 55K in chips.  The board is 6-A-2-8-4 and a pair of aces holds. Danny is gone and leaving Andrew a minor stack.

Andrew makes a valiant chip comeback until he shoves preflop with J9 and Chris R calls with K5 and rivers a K leaving Andrew $305 better off and the heads up action begins.

A pure ding-dong battle ensues with usually the weaker hand holding up and chip stacks become very equal.  Josh B shoves all-in with 67 suited and is promptly called by Chris R's AK.  The flop comes down as J-3-2 helping noone.  Turn's a null 9 and Chris R is confident of a big pot win....  Boom, 6 hits on the river and Josh B has just has it covered, dancing home happily with the title and $765 for the win and another $125 in bounties.

Well done Josh.