Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Full Blue Super Moon Signals The Return Of The Terminator

It was a slow start to our first Terminator Bounty Tournament since November with only 14 starters, but with 33 Rebuys and 42 Addons we still had a grand prize pool of $1429 plus another $350 in bounty's up for grabs.

31st of January also saw a Super Blue Moon which could explain some extremely aggressive play from a lot of our players.

1st prize tonight was $715, 2nd $430 and 3rd paying $285.

Biggest pot tonight was on the final table with a 3 way all in with Phil short stacked going all in with K 3h, Aggressive player Chris H pushes all in with over 46K with Q 2s, and Chris R calls with A Qh, flop comes 4 As 6s, turns a 3c and rivers a 9s and Chris H wins a monster pot with over 100K in the pot with a flush on the river and cuts back Chris R's chip lead.

Tonights bubble went to Noel who pushed all in with K 3, again Chris H calls with K Q and Gary moves in with A 7, flop comes 5 J 7, turns a 6 and river another J making Gary's 7 good enough for another big pot and Noel out in 4th place.

Down to our final 3 with all 3 players with about $70K each.  With blinds up to 6K/12K Chris H pushes all in with 5 8, Chris R sees one A and calls, flop comes 8 K 5, Chris H hitting 2 pair right away, turns a 7 and river a Q, Chris R out in 3rd place taking away $25 for one bounty and $285 for 3rd place.

Heads up and Chris H slightly ahead of Gary in the chip count, Gary shoves with J 7 and Chris calls with A 7, flop comes 5 6 2, turns a 9 and river an A knocking Gary out in 2nd place taking away $430 plus $75 for 3 bounty's.

Chris H with his aggressive play takes out our 1st Terminator Tournament of the year taking away $715 for 1st prize and $200 for taking 8 bounty's.