Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Last To Arrive? Last To Leave!

19 Players started tonight and we still had a grand total prize pool of $2205 to play for.  With 29 Rebuy/Addons taken, 1st prize came to $995, 2nd $615, 3rd, $375 and 4th place $220.

With a lot of action right after the break we were down to the final table by just after 10pm.  Tonight's bubble went to Chris H who was the final table chip leader, but 2 hands later he was all in with QT up against Tumua with AJ.  Flop comes 5-5-7, turn's an 8 and river's a K making Tumua's A good enough.

Next to go was Andrew with A8 who went all in, again Tumua calling with Ac4c.  Flop comes Qc-Jc-8, turn's a 6 and the river's a 2c giving Tumua a flush, sending Andrew out in 4th with $220.

A few hands later Gary who was getting short stacked and  pushes in with J7.  Again the caller was Tumua with 64s.  Flop comes 6-7-2, turns a 9 and river a 4 giving Tumua 2 pair and Gary out in 3rd place taking away $375.

Heads up with Danny and Tumua fighting it out for almost 40 minutes.  Danny severely short stacked battled back well to almost be even with Tumua but eventually was short stacked again and forced to shove with 23o?  Tumua calling with K7, flop comes 5-K-2, turn's a J and river's another K giving Tumua trips and the win. 

Danny taking away $615 for 2nd place and Tumua, last to arrive tonight and playing only 2 hands before the break takes out the last 5 players on the final table to take the win and also $995 for 1st prize.