Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Danny's Big Come Back

Tonight's action was short on players but big on spirit with a very fun night of poker.   We had only 10 players on the one table right up to the  break but those 10 players were all regulars and ready for action.  Also with only 13 players all together showing up 1st prize still came to $835, 2nd $500 and tonight only paying to 3rd, taking home $335.

13 Starters and 24 rebuys/addons tonight still had a total prize pool of $1665 to play for.

Most the action happened on the final table and Tumua was our man to beat running hot with a sizable chip stack.  However one of the top hands of the night had a 3 way all in.  Tumua K Q up against Danny with A J and Josh with Q Q, flop comes 9 8 7, turns a 4 and rivers a J, Tumua out in 5th place in the end and Josh tripling up and Danny left with only around 3 big blinds left.

Final 4 players played for around 45 minutes with no knock outs, then finally when blinds were up to 6K/12K Noel goes all in blind, Danny calls with 6 9, flop comes 9 3 3, turns a J and rivers a 4, Danny catching a 9, Noel flips his cards showing 7 2!  Noel out in 4th place in the bubble position taking away a brand new pair of Dunedin Casino socks for his effort!

Blinds were now 8K/16K with 2K antes so Josh shoves with A 2, Ross calls holding A Q, flop comes 10 3 J, turns a 5 and river a K, Josh out in 3rd taking away $335 for his efforts.

Final 2 and it was a show down, Ross up against Danny who only had 3 big blinds earlier.  Back and forth the action went until Ross was finally forced to shove with only 2 blinds left with 10 5d, Danny calling with A Q, flop comes 9 J 5, turns a Q and river a 7 knocking Ross out in 2nd place taking away $500 and Danny after only having 3 big blinds left grinds back from the dead to win the whole tournament and taking away $835.

A fantastic energetic night considering the numbers.

This Saturday 27th January at 1pm we have our $100 Cubed tournament too!