Saturday, January 27, 2018

Casino Cube Champion Corey Conquers Competition

Today we ran the special $100 Cubed Deepstack Tournament and had 19 runners and 1 re-entry. With a further 27 rebuys and addons the prizepool was a tasty $4230.

Top 4 places were paid meaning first prize was just short of $2000.

The final table was Brodie, Chris H, Corey H, Danny W, Gary T, Ketch,  Mark N, Noel L and Vinnie.

First out was Mark who got his AQ in against Vinnie's KK. A King on the turn sealed Marks fate and we were down to 8.

Soon after, Noel shoved the river on a board with two 6s and mucked his hand quickly when Chris called and turned over A6.

Our short stack Brodie was next to go when he went all in blind with T4 and couldn't suck out against the AQ of Chris.

In 6th place was Vinnie who got his KJ in against Corey's 9T suited. A Jack on the flop wasn't enough with Corey flopping a straight and an open ended straight flush draw. A King on the turn improved his hand but Corey took down the pot.

The bubble boy today was Gary T who was short stacked and shoved A2 into Chris's pocket 8s. There was a 2 on the flop for a small sweat that didn't amount to anything and suddenly we were in the money!

Shortly after getting in the money Corey shoved 72 from the small blind. Ketch called from the big blind with AT and was rewarded with an Ace in the window. However a 7 on the flop put everyone on edge and the 2 on the turn didn't come as too much of a surprise. Corey had him covered and Ketch was out taking home $420.

Next out was Danny who shoved K8 and was called by Corey with 67. The flop came 789 of hearts and Corey wasn't in too bad a shape with his 6 of hearts and Danny having only black cards. An off suit 9 on the turn didn't help but a King of hearts on the river gave Danny a second of celebration before realizing Corey had hit his flush. Corey's good luck continued and Danny was sent home with $715 for his troubles.

Heads up between Chris and Corey was going slowly until Corey shoved his T7 on the river of a 73A3T board when he misread the board and didn't realize he was losing to any Ace. Chris seemed to be confused by Corey's actions and hero called but mucked his hand after Corey's accidental bluff turned out to be the best hand.

Chris was left with less than big blind and so was all in with K7 against Corey's J7. Being dominated didn't worry Corey and a Jack on the river ended the tournament.

Chris took home $1180 and our winner Corey received $1915.