Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Straight Flush Rivers a Boat!

What a night!  Right away tonight there was action, action and more action, we had quads being flopped and boats being rivered, and a final table to be remembered for a real game of cat and mouse!

Right away we had a full 20 players filling up the available 20 seats and a total of 21 entries.  All together there was a total prize pool of $2250 with a 1st prize again over $1000.

1st $1015
2nd $630
3rd $385
4th $225

1st great hand of the night had to go to Gary who flopped quad 5s up against Danny who had a boat on the turn, Danny bets 4k, Gary pushes all in, Danny thinks long and hard and in the end calls and unfortunately is out just before the final table.

Just after this hand on the other table Ken has Q J up against Andrew with 7 8 of hearts.  Flop comes Q 10 Q, the turns a 9
and the river a J giving Ken his boat and pushes all in, however Andrew catches his straight flush and doubles up again after almost being knocked out earlier.

Down to the last table and tonights bubble went to Charlotte who pushed all in with A 7 and is called by Clem, flop comes J Q 2, turns a K and river a 5 making Clem's Q good enough. 

4th place went to Clem who pushed all in with K 9 and gets called by Ken with J J, nothing fell and Clem walked away with $225.

Final 3 and it was game on, Gary, Andrew and Ken, this was a real game of cat and mouse with Ken stealing blind after blind and the other 2 set out to trap him with his aggressive play, but Ken himself was setting his own trap having good hands when being called.

Finally Gary has a good hand A 5 diamonds, Ken pushes all in with his hand and Gary after thinking calls, Ken throws over A Q (quality hand)  Flop comes 7 9 K, two of them diamonds, turns a 7d and river a 5 giving Gary his flush and taking a pot of over 92K leaving Ken with only 20K.

Next hand Ken pushes again with J 2 and Gary with the chip advantage calls with K 8, nothing falls and Ken is out in 3rd place taking away $385.

Heads up and just the 2 local boys left.  Final hand and Gary has K K, Andrew has Q J, flop comes 9 J 2, Andrew is all in and Gary calls, turns a 6 and river an 8.  Andrew returning from the dead from earlier in the night to grind back to 2nd place and take away $630. 

Great play tonight by Gary using his final table chip advantage and a lot of patience to take away 1st prize of $1015.