Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Coreys Cube Conquest

Eighteen players took the opportunity  to flee holiday festivities and attempt to take down the $50 cubed tournament tonight. Rebuys took the prize pool over the $2000 mark with a tasty $1030 in the champions purse.

Corey dominated the early going , bringing a formidable stack to the final table and continuing that dominance almost immediately with a double knockout when his pocket AA stood strong against Gary's QQ and Carl's JT of spades.

Danny was out in 7th and Charlotte followed in 6th when her A9 of spades was no match for the power of Corey's KQ offsuit, which made a full house. Nor was Josh's Aj offsuit, falling to Corey's 77. Corey again making a full house and again picking up the knockout.

Ross was today's bubble when his A5 offsuit failed to overtake Chris and his AK.

Chris himself was all-in facing a big ace when his KJ ran into AQ. A flop of T92 brought some hope with any picture card being enough to get the double up. Alas a 7 and a 3 was not going to do it and Chris was out in 3rd pocketing just over $400.

Heads up was Tumua and Corey. Tumua was certainly up against it with Corey having most of the chips and seemingly all the cards. Things had to come to a head and Tumua soon found himself all in and dominated with 63 and Corey with K6. A board of 2J24J was no help and Corey's K high enough to take down the comp.

A thoroughly convincing and comprehensive victory for Corey tonight. Well done.