Wednesday, December 13, 2017

No Rebuys, No Addons, No Problem!

What a night of poker, with the prize money to go with it!

Tonight's $50 Cubed No Limit Holdem Tournament was action packed right from the start, all 20 seats available were filled right away and we had a further 3 people on the waiting list ready to go once someone busted out.

All together tonight we had 23 buy ins, with a further 38 addons and rebuys to add.  This made a total prize pool of $2745 paid between 4 players.

1st  $1235
2nd $770
3rd $465
4th $275

Down to the final table and we had Justin as our bubble tonight, out in 5th place after a massive chip advantage just after the final table formed.

In the money Andrew pushed all in with A 8 up against Liam with K Q, flop comes 2 5 J, turns a 9 and the river a 10 giving Liam his nut straight and knocking Andrew out in 4th place.  Andrew taking away $275 for his effort.

Last 3 and Dean shoves with K J, Liam again calls with pocket 5s, flop comes 7 10 7, turns an A and river a 6 making Liam's 5s good enough and taking another monster pot and knocking Dean out in 3rd.  Dean taking away $465 for his efforts.

Final 2 and we had Kirby and Liam battling for the top prize,  Kirby down to only 34K, 20% of Liams huge stack pushes all in with K 2, Liam calls with A 4, flop comes 3 3 7, turns a 2 and river a Q making Kirby's 2 good for the pot and she doubles up.

Next hand again Kirby doubles up again with 10, 10 up against Liam with K 4, flop comes 3 8 A, turns a 5 and river a J, this hand almost evening things up against the 2.

Final hand and Kirby pushes all in with A 5 up against Liam with A K, flop came A J K, turns a 10 and river a 2, Unfortunately Kirby's amazing come back was cut short with Liam hitting 2 pair and 1st prize.  Kirby taking away $770 for 2nd prize and Liam taking away a massive $1235 for 1st prize. 

With only a $50 buy in and choosing not to use his rebuy or addon, this was a great effort to still take out the tourney.

Be sure to be in early to sign up next week to gurantee your seat in the Dunedin Casino $50 Cubed No Limit Holdem Tournament.