Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cube Winner has the Edge

Another exciting night of poker here at Dunedin Casino with our 3rd No Limit Hold'em $50 Cubed Tournament.  Limited to only 20 players we had 19 entries with most players take advantage of their 2 rebuy/addons.

Tonight's total prize pool came to $2565 which included a whopping 38 rebuy/addons.  Once again 1st prize was well over $1000 and the tournament paying to 4th place.

1st $1155
2nd $720
3rd $435
4th $255

With the new cubed format a few players chose not to use their final rebuy/addon just before the break but choosing to bust out then re-enter, allowing them to rebuy and addon instantly.

Down to the last table and our bubble tonight went to Chris who lost to Garry with A8, Chris with AK, flop comes 8-2-6, turn's a J and river's a 2, leaving Chris out of the money this week.

Next to go was Greg who battled his way back from under 5K to double a few times as well as steal a few blinds but was stopped by Garry again who had AQ.  Greg with KQ and the flop comes 5-7-2, turn's a 6 and river's a 4 making Garry's A good and Greg bows out in 4th winning $255.

Final 3 and Danny with T7 sees the flop with Alex holding 63.  Flop comes 8-3-T, which was enough for Danny to push all in.  Alex calls and the turn comes and its a 6!  Then the river's a 2, Alex knocking Danny out with 2 pair.  Danny taking away $435 for 3rd place.

Heads up and Alex has a slight chip advantage of around 30K. 

Final hand and Alex pushes all in with A3 and Garry calls with K7.  Flop comes 7-A-8, turn's a 5 and river's an 8 giving Alex 'Dead man's hand' and the win.  Garry out in 2nd taking away $720 and Alex taking away 1st prize of $1155.

Brilliant night of poker with Alex playing his last tournament here, making the move to Auckland in the next few weeks.  One of our regular players, we all wish Alex the best of luck for 2018!