Tuesday, December 12, 2017


There's always a bit of trepidation when trying a new format and last Wednesday was no different.  While overall we felt that the format worked, there were some things that we wanted to improve, and this week the following changes will be implemented.  We hope these changes improve gameplay while still retaining the essence of the Cube format.  Good luck!

1. Rebuys are now rebuys.

Last week we allowed all stacks to be purchased at any time.  We believe this slowed the action down and took a bit of pressure off some players.  This week, all rebuys will have to comply with the restriction that you have less than or equal to the starting stack of 5,000.  You will still be able to use your addon as a rebuy if you lose your first rebuy, but you will have to 5,000 or less.

2. No forfeit, but one last hand before the break.

You aren't guaranteed to keep your seat if you bust out, so offering "forfeit" would be only be useful to those not following the clock.  The old fashioned method if you were running low on chips would be to keep an eye on the time and deliberately (but legally) dump your remaining stack before the break, but we know how difficult that can be sometimes so this week we're going to give you an extra hand at the end of the level prior to the break for those who need the option. 

Just to be clear, if there is a waiting list and you bust out before the break, your seat will go to someone on the list.  You will however be offered a space on the list and be guaranteed a seat after the break as they becomes available.

Also remember that if you are All-in and you are called and there is no further action, you cannot muck and you will be in contention to win the pot.

3. 10 second shot clock.

We're going to start pushing the 10 second shot clock now just to keep everyone on their toes!  Prior to the break it is to everyone's benefit that we get as many hands in as possible, so get ready for some fast thinking action!

To manage this, the Dealer will count down from 10 in their head and from 3 out loud and once reaching zero will announce "Time".  Your hand will be at risk if you do not act in time!