Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Exciting Start to $50 Cubed No Limit Hold'em Tournament

Tonight we had our first No Limit Hold'em $50 Cubed Tournament.  5000 chip starting stacks limited to 20 players max and only 1 rebuy and just 1 addon available per player.

17 players started straight away tonight with the new structure, and with 21 Rebuys and Addons, all together tonight's total prize pool was $1,710.

$855 for 1st
$515 for 2nd
$340 for 3rd.

Unlike the Terminator Bounty Tournaments the action was more conservative with the limited rebuy and addon's on offer.

Final table and the bubble went to new comer Tristian who shoved all in and got 2 callers.  Unfortunately for him the flop came 2 3 3 turns another 3 and river a 9, Ross show's his A high and Tristian mucks and finishes in 4th place.

Next to go was Rayel who was short stacked and shoves with KT, Alex calls with 62, flop comes 3-6-A, turns another 6 and the river a K - Rayel out in 3rd place but taking away $340 for his efforts.

Heads up and it was over pretty quick, Alex with sizable chip advantage and blinds up to 8K 16K, Ross finally gets a hand and pushes all in with A6, Alex calls with Q2.  Flop comes A-K-6 all clubs, turn a 7c and the river a deuce.  Alex's Qc good enough for a flush and our 1st Cubed winner taking away $855 for 1st place.  Ross again in the money taking away $515 for 2nd.

A fantastic start to our Decembers Cubed Tournament giving our Terminator Bounty Tournament a break over the quieter holiday period.