Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Peasant Pillaging People as Per usual

Tonight was the last Wednesday Terminator for the year and although we only had 16 entries there was plenty of action with 38 rebuys and 41 addons making a total prize pool of $1519.

Also up for grabs tonight was the $250 for the most bounties this month. Alex was looking good going in with 13 kills already locked up and 2nd place only having 9.

The final four were Alex M, Chris R, Dan H and Gary T with Dan being knocked on in 4th to be our bubble boy. His A5 was no match for Alex's 78 leading to the 5th kill of the day for the peasant.

In 3rd place and taking home $215 was Chris who got his Jacks in against Alex's AQ. An Ace on the flop was all that was needed for kill number 6.

Heads up between Alex and Gary only lasted a few hands with Alex using his 10-1 chip lead and no fear of shoving to his advantage. Gary ended up being all in pre-flop with 84 against Alex's 77. A 7 on the flop was more than enough and Alex had another kill giving him 8 for the night including his own.

For 2nd place Gary got $454 leaving Alex with $850 for first plus an extra $200 from bounties.

With Alex knocking out half the field tonight his total kills for the month was a massive 21 which was easily enough for him to be this months Terminator Champion earning him another $250.