Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Slow Start But Terminator Still Gets Its Kills

Tonight's action started slowly and only had 16 players in the tournament.  However the 16 players  generated 37 rebuys and 33 addons giving a total prize pool of $1366 plus another $400 in bounty's.

1st prize tonight was a total of $685, 2nd $410 and 3rd place $275.

Down to the last table and tonight's bubble went Hao who pushed all in with 5 5 up against Vinnie with 9 9, flop comes K Q J, turns a 6 and river a 2 making Vinnie's 9s good enough and taking another bounty to add to his collection.

3rd place went to Ross T who pushed all in with A 6 up against Vinnie again with A K, flop comes 9 9 2, turns an A and river an 8 making Vinnie's A K good enough and again another bounty to his growing collection.

 Heads up and both players only look at one card and Danny pushes all in with Q 4 and Vinnie snap calls with sighting only one A with a 6 to go with it.  Flop comes 6 7 A, turns a 4 and river a J making Vinnie's A good enough for the win and yet another bounty.

Danny taking away 2nd place and also 2 bounty's, giving him a total prize of $460 for the night.

Vinnie taking away $685 for 1st place and taking a record breaking 9 kills for the night and a whopping $225 for his bounty's, thats a grand total of $910 for the night.