Wednesday, November 15, 2017

8 Kills by Tonight's Terminator! Will She be Back??

Although tonight's action lacked the numbers, the 18 players that showed up provided more action, enthusiasm and energy than previous weeks.  With 37 rebuys and 49 addons tonight's 1st prize was $830, 2nd $500 and we only paid to 3rd with $380.  Total prize pool up for grabs was $1660 plus another $450 in bounty's.

Final table saw Chris R limp onto it with just $200 in chips, however on the button he pushes all in with the lumber jack hand (2 4) and catches two 4s on the flop and wins $1300 for the flop, just $300 short of a big blind.  Next hand Chris pushes all in with A 10 and gets 4 callers, he hits trips on the flop and quads on the turn to have just over 8000, however his come back was not meant to be knocked out the next hand!

Tonight's bubble was a double knockout by Debbie taking out Hao and Mel in the one hand for 4th and 5th place.

Down to the last 3 and Debbie pushes all in with 5 5 and Ross calls with A 2, flop comes 10 6 4, turns a 9 and the river an 8 making Debbie's 5s good enough for another bounty and Ross was out in 3rd place taking away $330 plus another $50 for his 2 bounty's.

Heads up and again Debbie pushes all in with Q 5 and Julian calls with A 9, unfortunately for Julian the flop came Q Q 8, the turn a 10 and the river a 4 knocking Julian out in 2nd taking away $500 which was a great effort with no kills for the whole night.  Debbie showing great patience through out the whole night taking away 1st prize, $830 and the most bounty's in one night with 8!  That'ts $1030 all up for the night.

A fantastic night of poker again enjoyed by all!