Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Terminator Danny is Back!

21 Players tonight across 3 tables battled for a total prize pool of  $1948 plus another $525 in bounties.

1st $878
2nd $545
3rd $330
4th $195

46 Rebuys and 55 Addons had plenty of action right from the start with a lot of players trying to build a sizable chip stack early.

We were down to the final table very quickly with a lot of action after the break and every one after those bounty's.

Final table and Chris S Bubbled in 5th place taking away 1 bounty.

Last 4 and Alex was all in with 10, 8 up against Andrew with A K, flop came J 3 4, turns a 10 and river a 4 making Alex's 10 good enough to knock Andrew out in 4th but he took away $195 for his effort.

Next to go was Alex with J 4 up against Danny with 8 8, flop came A K 5, river an 8 giving Danny his set and the river a J.  Alex out in 3rd taking away $330 and a whopping $175 for his 7 bounty's.

Heads up and we had Danny up against Ross H.  This battle when back and forward for 30 minutes but finally Danny pushes all in with K K and Ross calls with 9 9, flop comes 8 5 K turns an
A and the river a 2 giving Danny a set and 1st prize of $878 and taking away 5 bounty's as well.  Ross taking 2nd place.

Great effort by Danny improving on his 2nd place from last Wednesday and also well done to Alex who leads the Terminator Kill leader board with 7 kills tonight.