Saturday, November 25, 2017

November $220 Deepstack Results

Today we had 16 players and 4 re-entries giving us a prizepool of exactly $4000.

Only top three were paid which lead to a very exciting final table.

The November Nine were Mok H, Ross M, Hao, Chris R, Gary T, Tim M, Julian B, Michael G and Oliver S.

First out was Chris with his 7 card straight to the King losing to Gary's Ace high straight.
Shortly after Michael was busted out by Ross when his JQ got crushed by AQ.

Next to go was Mok who got it in with AK against Julian's 9T but couldn't hold when Julian hit a Queen high straight.

With the blinds getting high we had two quick knock-outs with Ross's 66 holding against Tim's AK and then Gary's 88 holding against Julian's KJ.

With only 4 players left there was a lot of safe play with no one wanting to be the bubble boy until Oliver shoved from the button with A2 and Hao woke up with AA in the big blind. There was a bit of a sweat for Hao with a J45 flop but he managed to dodge a 3 and take most of Oliver's stack. Gary was quick to take the rest of Oliver's chips with top pair against a flush draw.

The final three were Ross, Hao and Gary.

Out in third and taking $800 cash was Ross who shoved pre-flop with A7 and was called by Hao with 99. The board came out 59329 giving Hao quads and providing a bit of excitement for the people on the rail.

Heads up between Gary and Hao didn't last too long and was over once Hao shoved pre-flop with KQ and Gary called with A8. An Ace on the flop all but sealed Hao's fate and another on the river ended it all.

In a reverse of last month's Deepstack, Hao came 2nd taking home $1200 and Gary was our winner taking home $2000.