Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Big Pay Day For Cube Winner

Tonights action started pretty quickly with 15 players starting right on 7.45pm then 5minutes later we had our 2 tables full with another 3 players on the waiting list.

With 23 entries in total tonight we had 39 rebuy/addons to contribute to a total prize pool of $2700.  1st prize tonight was $1215, 2nd $755, 3rd $460 and 4th place $270.

Players tonight were more aware of using the waiting list and again some players were trying to dump chips so they could re enter the tournament via the waiting list.  Noel choosing to do this just before the break deciding to push all in with 8 6, however this was to be one of his best hands of the night tripling up and in the end Noel had just shy of 10000 chips to head to the break with.

There were some great hands tonight with Kev hitting quad 4s in one of his first hands, we had plenty of action with most players choosing to play their addons and rebuys as well.

Down to the last table we had Al win a huge pot, he was all in with A A up against Noel with J J and last weeks winner Gary with A 7d, Gary hit his 7 on the flop but Al's A A was good enough to take a huge pot and Gary was out in 6th.

Bubble tonight went to Josh who went all in with A 9 up against Al with A 6, flop comes 8 6 K, turns a 5 and river a Q, unfortunately Josh with the slightly better hand out in 5th place.

Next to go was Norman who dominated the start of the final table, Norman has Q 4 and pushes all in, Noel calls with K 2, flop comes 6 K 5, turns a A and rivers a 10, Norman out in 4th taking away $270.

Final 3 decide to do a deal, each taking away $700 and leaving $330 to play for 1st.

Next to go was Greg who pushed all in with ducks (2 2)up against up against Al with queens.  Flop comes 10 4 K, turns a 7 and rivers a 5, Al's Queens good enough to take a huge pot of over 100k.  Greg out in 3rd taking away $700 for his effort.

Heads up we had Noel who for the 1st time in ages was not the bubble up against Al from Canterbury.  Still playing for $330 Noel pushes all in with 7s and Al calls with 8s!  Flop comes 2 K 4, turns a 6 and river a 2 knocking Noel out in 2nd place taking away $700 and Al taking away 1st prize which with the deal was still $1030.  Not a bad night of work for the final 3 players all taking away at least

Great night of poker again with a great prize pool tonight.  Don't forget 27th of  January we have our 1st $100 Cubed Tournament.