Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2 In a Rowe For Terminator

Wednesday night and it was an exciting fun night again for the players that showed up for our Terminator Bounty Tournament.

Numbers were down tonight due to a lot of players travelling to Christchurch for the 2018 Wellington Poker Champs played this year at Christchurch Casino. 

Right away tonight we had 16 money thirsty players battling it out for a share of $1468 plus another $400 in bounties up for grabs.  Even with 16 players we still had 29 rebuys and a massive 47 Addons.

Tonight we paid the top 3 places with $735 for 1st, $440 for 2nd and $295 for 3rd place.

We were down to the final table pretty quickly after the break with some real aggressive play from both the tables in play.  Out in 5th place was Jacob in a massive 3 way all in with J J up against Hayden with A Q and Chris S with K K, flop comes 5 4 A, turns a 10 and river a 9 adding another bounty to Hayden.

Tonight's bubble in 4th place went to Martin with K 8 up against Chris S with J 10, flop comes 9 5 3, turns an A and river a J!  Martin rivered and out in 4th.

Last 3 players and Chris was short stacked against Greg and Hayden, he looks at K 3 and shoves, Greg calls with J 8, flop comes 8 3 2, turns a 10 and river a 10, Chris out in 3rd place but still taking away $295 for 3rd place plus 5 bounties for the night.

Heads up and Greg was up by about 30% over Hayden's chip stack, however Hayden puts on the pressure and battled back to take the advantage, then final hand Greg shoves with A 3 and Hayden calls quickly with 8 8, turn comes Q K 10, turns an 8 giving Hayden trips and river a 2.  New comer Greg taking away $440 for 2nd place plus another $100 in bounty's.  Hayden taking a brilliant win taking $735 for 1st and $75 in bounty's.

Another action packed night of poker!

Don't forget Terminator 300 on Sunday 25th March starting at 1pm.