Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hey - DONE!

Nineteen players ventured forth to compete in tonight's Wednesday Terminator.
41 rebuys and 47 add-ons took the prizepool to a tasty $1705 with a further $475 up for grabs in bounties.

1st - $770
2nd - $475
3rd - $290
4th - $170
Bounties - $475

Action was thick and fast before slowing up a bit on the final table as players jockeyed for position. At the bubble the pressure was on Noel as the short stack and he managed to double up with J2 offsuit. Hayden quickly had his revenge though as Noel's QJhh ran into Hayden's KK. The flop brought Noel some hope with QT3 giving him top pair. However running 8s were no further help and Noel racked up yet another bubble. 
In the cash and the short stacks had licence to shove. Chris looked to pick up some chips from the SB, shoving his T7off into Josh's small stack. Josh however was not in the mood to fold his BB and called with J8. To the flop of QT3, which gave Chris the lead with a pair, and after a couple of bricks, Josh's bounty. Josh out in 4th.
The next big hand came when Sheldon raised from a healthy stack with KQ, Chris then shoved with A3 which Sheldon then called. When the flop came A73 Chris had a mortal lock on the hand with his Aces up, and won huge pot of over 120k. Crippled from the previous hand Sheldon found himself all in with 72 against Heyden's pocket 2s. They say twos never lose, and so it proved when the turn brought the case 2 to give Heyden a set and Sheldon was drawing dead, out in 3rd.
Heads up was a fairly brief affair with both players being dealt pocket pairs and putting all the chips in. Heyden with 44 and Chris an 81% favourite with 99. But nothing seemed to be able to stop Heyden tonight and a 4 in the window flipped those percentages. Chris had a backdoor straight draw to go with his higher set draw, but not tonight. Heyden taking down the pot, the tourney and $770 for 1st. With his eleven bounties(more than half the field), This took his total winnings to over a grand for the night. Well done Heyden, Great effort!