Sunday, March 25, 2018

♠♥♣♦ Pocket Rockets Bring Home the Bounty ♠♥♣♦

We had 18 players turn up for this month's Deepstack Tournament. The Terminator 300. With a prizepool of over 3k and Bounties of $100 up for grabs, the competition was fierce.

Aggressive play saw some early knock-outs. One hand in particular saw Gary all-in with KK with two callers, both holding AA. Though it didn't look great for Gary, he flopped the set tripling his stack and seeing him to the final table.

The final four left in the tournament were Mok H, Chris R, Aaron M and Noel L.

Chris went all-in with Q-2(h). He had two callers; Mok with A-K(s), and Aaron with A-6(h). Board of K-J-9-5-J and all flush draws dead saw Mok's two-pair take the pot, and Chris bubbling.

Next hand to do some damage was a board of Q-Q-2-Q-5 between

Noel and Aaron. Quietly checking the turn, Aaron shoved on the river with a confident K-K, however Noel threw down Q-4. Finally Noel claims his first Bounty and Aaron walked away with 3rd place.

The last hand (the first hand of the new dealer) saw Mok going all-in with K-Q. Noel called and showed pocket A's. Board 4-10-2-10-2 left very little for Mok, but awarded Noel the pot, another Bounty and of course the win. A quiet achiever throughout the tournament, but he brought it home in the end. Congratulations.

Watch this space to see when our up-and-coming tournaments are and we'll see you on Wednesday for the weekly Terminator Tournament.