Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wednesday Night Terminator Royal Flush

Tonight we had 24 players show up with some crazy action including Gary T taking down a big pot turning a Royal Flush.

There was rebuy after rebuy with some very aggressive all ins on most tables.  All up there was a massive 67 rebuys and 65 addons making tonight's total prize pool $2508 plus another $600 in bounty's up for grabs.  This made for a great 1st prize of $1133, 2nd $700, 3rd $425 and paying to 4th taking $250.

Royal Flush hand, we had Gary T with Ah, Kh up against Norman with A 3d, both all in preflop and flop comes Jh 10h 2, turn was a Qh giving Gary a Royal Flush!

Final table and right away we had a huge 3 way all in with Gary holding 10 10 up against Geoff with 4 5 and Greg F with A A, Flop comes A J 8, turns a 2 and river an 8, Gary out in 7th and Geoff in 8th, Greg taking over 120k in chips plus 2 bounty's.

Out in 4th place taking away $250 was Greg F with 7 7 up against Andrew with A A, nothing fell and Andrew taking away a size able pot and another bounty.

Final 3 players were all very similar chip stacks decide to do a deal each taking away $600 each and leaving $283 for the winner.  Chris R with K 3 up against new comer Ian with 8 9, flop comes Q 6 5, turns a K and river a J knocking Ian out in 3rd and Chris taking a bounty.

Final 2 playing for $283 and Chris goes all in with A 10 up against Andrew with K 2, flop comes 3 Q A, turns a Q and river a 6 making Chris's A good enough to take another bounty and over all win.  Andrew leaving with $600 and another $100 for his 4 bounty's.

Chris R taking out the Wednesday Terminator Tourney plus another $125 in bounty's.

Another great night of poker before our first $300 Terminator Tourney starting at 1pm this Sunday.