Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kenny finally gets his photo taken

18 people showed up to our Thursday Turbo Tournament, including several of our South African Shark friends. With a few rebuys and all but one getting a double add-on, we had a reasonable prize pool of over $600.

After a steady final table, we were down to the final three. They were Danny W, Steve M and Kenny P.

Steve was the first out, all-in with A-10. Kenny calls with A-K. Board shows 3-4-Q-6-5 and Kenny's K kicker was good enough to scoop the pot.

About 10 minutes later, Danny decided to make a move. Going all-in with 99, Kenny calls with A-5.
The flop 7-Q-J looks promising to Danny, however the only card he didn't want to see (A) came on the turn and a J on the river gave Kenny 2-pair, and the tournament win. Congratulations.